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**  For weeding effort, please use the weeding log  **

**  For grass experiment, please use the GREAT log  **

Instructions: Please fill out the form below for each type of activity and group participating and press Submit. If the team changed before the activity was completed, please submit information for that activity in two parts; this enables correct calculation of total effort expended. More help below.
NB: If a group activity, please arrange for one person in the group is submitting the effort.


Date (dd-mm-yy)    Activity   
Number in Team    if other, please specify:
Activity Details
(if applicable)
Paddock (if applicable) Effort
(% of time)

Team members:

Additional Comments, including more details of the activity, what was achieved, etc.


password:   NB see below


Additional Information

Field Format     Instructions
Date dd-mm-yy Date that the activity was done; eg 01-09-10 for 1st Sep 2010.
Activity   Select from drop-down list.
If "other" enter details in the text box below.
Number in team integer Number of members in the team for this activity; used to calculate the total effort.
Activity details   WE need to discriminate between planning activities and actual on-the-ground carry out of activities; this drop=down list lets you do that. If it is not applicable to this activity, select "not applicable".
Total Time integer The total time (in minutes) for this activity and paddock team member.
eg:  if a team of 3 works on this activity and paddock from 8-30 am to 10-30 am, the time entered is 120 minutes (not 360 minutes)
Paddock   Select from drop-down list
Effort integer The percentage of the time spent in each paddock (average for whole team).
Team Members text List the members of the team for this activity. Please put team leader's name first, and separate all names with commas.
Additional Comments text Enter any additional information here, including more details of the activity, what was achieved, etc.
GPS Track Available   Select "YES" if a GPS track is available for this activity, and email the .gpx file to the webmaster.
Password text Until further notice, use first name of person entering information.
Submit   What happens next depends on what browser you are using.
If you use anything other than Internet Explorer and it is properly set up, clicking "Submit" should open up an automatically addressed email "new message" window with the encoded data you have just entered in the body of the message or in an attachment. Just click "Send" to send the data for processing. If it opens up in an email application that you don't normally use, just copy the email contents and address to your preferred email application.
If you use Internet Explorer, what happens may depend on the version and security settings you are using. It probably will not open up an email message box, but may give you warnings about sending your email address. Select <OK> and then <Allow> and the message should be sent. Check your email "sent items" box for confirmation that it has gone.
Reset   Clears all data from form. Hint: Don't use this if entering more than one set of data; this minimises the amount of information you need to enter the second time.



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