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The following is a list of 11 species of mosses, lichens and liverworts observed on the Pinnacle Nature Reserve. It includes both those positively identified to the exact species as well as those incompletely identified.

All species are native to the area.

Photos below were taken on the Reserve by Alison Milton


Common name Scientific name hover over image to see name
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Stonewort (a freshwater algae) Characeae  
A lichen Cladonia sp. Parmeliaceae lichen
A moss Grimmia sp.
A crustose lichen Lichen - crustose
Yellow navel Lichenomphalia chromacea
A lichen family Parmeliaceae fam.
A moss Polytrichaceae fam.
Map lichen Rhizocarpon geographicum
A liverwort Riccia cartilaginosa
A liverwort Riccia spongiosula
A trailing moss Triquetrella
Polytrichaceae moss Rhizocarpon geographicum [Map lichen]


For more photos of mosses, lichens and liverworts found on the Pinnacle,
follow this link to the Canberra Nature Map:

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