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The following is a list of 30 species that are members of the group of insects known as True bugs** that have been observed on the Pinnacle Nature Reserve. It includes both those positively identified to the exact species as well as those incompletely identified.

All species listed are native to the area.

Photos below were taken on the Reserve by Alison Milton


  Common name Scientific name hover over image to see name
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Cicadas   Cicadettini sp. [unidentified Cicada]
  Unidentified Cicada Cicadettini sp.
  Double-spotted cicada Galanga labeculata
  Unidentified spittlebug Aphrophorinae sp. Eurymela fenestrata [Red-lined Leaf Hopper]
  Yellow-headed Leafhopper Brunotartessus fulvus
  2-horned tree hopper Ceraon sp. (genus)
  Unidentified leafhopper Cicadellidae sp.
  A gumtree hopper Eurymela distincta
  A gumtree hopper Eurymela fenestrata
  A gumtree hopper Eurymeloides pulchra
  Red-lined Leaf Hopper Eurymelops rubrovittata
  A gumtree hopper Platybrachys sp. (genus)
  Acacia Horned Tree Hopper Sextius virescens
  White Lace Lerp Cardiaspina albitextura  
  Unidentified sugary lerp Glycaspis sp.  
  Unidentified psyllid or lerp insect Psyllidae sp. Coccidae sp. [unidentified Coccid scale]
  Shell lerp Spondyliaspis plicatuloides
Scale insects & mealybugs
  A gall forming scale Apiomorpha sp.
  Unidentified coccid scale insect Coccidae sp.
  Wattle Tick Scale Cryptes baccatus
  Gumtree Scale Eriococcus coriaceus
  Acacia mealy bug Icerya acaciae
  Giant Snowball Mealybug Monophlebulus sp.
Other True Bugs   Amorbus sp. [unidentified Tip bug]
  Unidentified Tip bug Amorbus sp. (genus)
  Orange Assassin bug Gminatus australis
  Unidentified Plant bug Miridae sp. (family)
  Green stink bug Ocirrhoe unimaculata
  Spined predatory shield bug Oechalia schellenbergii
  Acacia-spotting bug Rayieria acaciae
  Water Strider Tenagogerris euphrosyne
  Gum tree shield bug Theseus modestus
Tenagogerris euphrosyne [Water Strider] Oechalia schellenbergii [Spined predatory shield bug]


** True bugs belong to the insect Order Hemiptera and are insects that have a long slender beak shaped mouth part that looks like a straw. They use this beak to poke through plants and occasionally animal skin and suck out sap or blood. Most true bugs also have their front pair of wings partially hardened and only the tips clear, it looks like they have half a wing.


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