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Date mixed (dd-mm-yy)
  Date used (dd-mm-yy)
  Active ingredient (L)

Paddock      Volume (L) Target weeds

Total spraying time (approximate):         hours
Weather:     Wind Rain
(before and/or after spraying)

Unused chemical mixture remaining:
(date mixed and volume)
Additional Comments:




Additional Information

Field Format     Instructions
Date mixed dd-mm-yy Date that the chemical was mixed; eg 01-09-10 for 1st Sep 2010.
Date used dd-mm-yy Date that the chemical was used; eg 01-09-10 for 1st Sep 2010.
Active ingredient   Select from drop-down list
Paddock   Select from drop-down list
Volume integer Volume used in each paddock (Litres)
Target weeds text List target weeds, in order greatest to least prevalence
Sprayers text Name of people spraying the chemicals
Total spraying time number Approximate total time of spraying for all paddocks and sprayers in hours. (This must be total; no multiplication by number of sprayers or paddocks is done).
Additional Comments text Enter any additional information here. For example: stage of plant growth; weed density; spillage and follow-up action;etc.
Password text Until further notice, use first name of person entering information.
Submit   This opens up an automatically addressed email "new message" window with the encoded data you have just entered in the body of the message or in an attachment. Just click "Send" to send the data for processing.
Reset   Clears all data from form.


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