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Preparation has been underway since mid-2016 for the construction of the pipeline running from the Weetangera water tanks through the Pinnacle Nature Reserve to the new suburb of Whitlam between William Hovell Drive and the Molonglo River.

The fotpin Coordinating Committee has been kept informed and consulted throughout the planning stages and has updated members from time to time. The most comprehensive update can be found in fotpin Update #21 [pdf398 kB].

[ Note that the pipeline has been, and continues to be, referred to by various names: Whitlam Pipeline, Whitlam Water Main, Molonglo Water Main, Molonglo 3 Water Supply Main, etc.]

This page will attempt to keep members and Reserve users up to date with developments, especially those that may affect their access to certain parts of the Reserve.

If you have any questions or comments from a Reserve users perspective, don't hesitate to email these to us at

July 2018

Since early July 2018, signs of the construction project have started to appear on the Reserve, with the fencing of some of the construction areas. A notice and map explaining what is happening has been displayed adjacent to the fences; copies are included below.

Molonglo 3 Water Supply Main – Weetangera Reservoir to
William Hovell Drive Project

Works will be undertaken from July 2018 until February 2019 in the Pinnacle Nature Reserve and adjoining land to construct a bulk supply watermain to provide water to the new Molonglo 3 Precinct.

Some of the Reserve will be fenced off to maintain public safety. There will be designated walkways around and through the fenced site. A secure site will be required to be maintained for the duration of the works. More fencing will be installed soon after commencement of the project.

Please refer to attached sketch for fencing and access arrangements.


pipeline fencing





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