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Aerial Imagery of The Pinnacle Nature Reserve from 1940 to now

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1958 1968
1973 1978
1985 1990
1991 1998
2004 2011
2014 2020


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About the images

Imagery from 1958 onward was downloaded from the ACTmapi website. The 1940 images were kindly supplied by Parks and Conservation Ranger Craig.

Since 2004 the aerial imagery has been captured digitally and is georeferenced* as part of that process. The earlier images captured by traditional photograph methods, printed on photographic paper and then scanned into pdf format required georeferencing by matching points on the photos to physical points with known coordinates. In some cases the Reserve required up to 5 individual photos to cover the area and the lines of overlap can often be seen.

The source images were of variable resolution from 20 pixels per meter for some of the digitally captured images to less than 2 pixels per meter for some of the traditional photos. All images of the Reserve have been saved with a resolution of 1 pixel per meter and an image size of 2300 x 1600 pixels.

* georeferencing means to associate a map or aerial photo image to a geographic coordinate system.


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