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Annual ParkCare Convenor Planning Meeting Briefings

26 July 2023

The Annual Planning Information Session sought to provide ParkCare groups with an overview of priority work areas for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service, and to provide a broader context on PCS priorities. This year’s session included the following presentations:

  • Renee Brawata, Office of Nature Conservation (previously Conservation Research)
  • Harley Baker, Biosecurity – Invasive Plants
  • Mark Sweaney, Biosecurity – Invasive Animals
  • Adam Leavesley, Fire Management Unit – Burns Operation Program
  • Kate Boyd, Offsets – Canberra Nature Park North

The Minutes and Powerpoint presentations (where available) can be viewed using the links below.

The Minutes include a summary of the content of each presentation, as well as responses from the Questions and Answers session, including any items that were taken on notice (although two responses from the Office of Nature Conservation are expected shortly).

minutes pdf 0.4 MB
minutes pdf 5.1 MB
minutes pdf 2.5 MB
minutes pdf 2.7 MB

Annual ParkCare Convenor Planning Meeting Briefings

05 August 2022

minutes pdf 0.4 MB


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