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Nov 2022 Update #41
[ pdf 1.0 MB]
Pipeline corridor revegetation; Jamison Joint ParkCare Display; Guided Walks; Hawker College Tree Planting; Interpretive Signage at The Pinnacle; Other News
Aug 2022 Update #40
[ pdf 0.9 MB]
Pinnacle Events; Molonglo Watermain Revegetation; Meeting with the Ranger; Plant diversity on the Reserve; Weetangera Paddock Revegetation; New Pinnacle Brochure; fotpin Not-for-profit Status; Annual Briefing from PCS
Jun 2022 Update #39
[ pdf 0.5 MB]
Annual Report: Weed management; Pinnacle Events; PCS and ParkCare News; Molonglo Watermain Revegetation; Other Revegetation; Biodiversity on the Reserve; Kama Link Paddock; Grant Applications; Membership; AGM and SGM
Feb 2022 Update #38
[ pdf 0.5 MB]
January Storm Effects on the Reserve; New Benches at Dungowan St. Entrance; Wonderful Wildflower Season; Molonglo Watermain Revegetation; Weed management; Hawker Community Gardens; Upcoming Events
Nov 2021 Update #37
[ pdf 1.1 MB]
October bird walk; Vegwatch surveys; Molonglo waterman revegetation; Pinnacle Extension renamed; Weed management; Weetangera paddock revegetation; ParkCare news; New on the website
Aug 2021 Update #36
[ pdf 294 kB]
Molonglo 3 Watermain Corridor Revegetation; Upcoming events; Weetangera Paddock Revegetation Project; Collaboration with St Francis Xavier College; Top-up Planting in the Bottom Pinnacle; National Landcare Awards
May 2021 Update #35
AGM issue

[ pdf 345 kB]
AGM Edition: Molonglo 3 Watermain Corridor Revegetation; Weetangera Revegetation Project; Collaboration with St Francis Xavier College; Guided walks; Reserve Biodiversity; Pinnacle Extension; Coordinating Committee; Membership; AGM Report
Feb 2021 Update #34
[ pdf 390 kB]
Molonglo Watermain Revegetation; Vegwatch Monitoring Project; Pinnacle Extension Update; Gang Gangs at the Pinnacle; Upcoming events
Nov 2020 Update #33
[ pdf 533 kB]
Joint ParkCare Display at the Jamison Centre; Planning Meetings with PCS; Spring Events Program; Molonglo Watermain update; ParkCare and Politics
Aug 2020 Update #32
[ pdf 275 kB]
Friends of the Pinnacle turns 10; Molonglo watermain update; Track maintenance; Weetangera paddock revegetation; Meeting with Greens candidate Jo Clay; COG birdwalk; Upcoming events; ParkCare developments
May 2020 Update #31
[ pdf 442 kB]
Catastrophic summer, Covid-19 and drenching rain; Increased use of the Reserve; First ACT sighting of the Macleay's Grass Yellow butterfly species; Molonglo Watermain update; Weetangera Paddock Revegetation
Feb 2020 Update #30
[ pdf 690 kB]
Weetangera Primary School fete; Annual Planning Meeting with PCS; Watering Bee in Bottom Pinnacle; ACT Landcare Awards; Weetangera Paddock Revegetation; Upcoming Events
Nov 2019 Update #29
[ pdf 352 kB]
Joint ParkCare Display at the Jamison Centre; Spring Walks Program; Molonglo Watermain; 30 Years of ParkCare Celebrations; Weetangera Paddock Revegetation; New Fencing; Upcoming Events
Aug 2019 Update #28
[ pdf 226 kB]
Molonglo Watermain; Weed Control 2018-19; Upcoming Events; Weetangera Paddock Revegetation; Pinnacle Extension Update; Noticeboard Refurbishment; 30 Years of ParkCare Celebrations; Kangaroo Cull
Jun 2019 Update #27
[ pdf 148 kB]
A wrap-up of the last 10 months: Weed Control; Molonglo Watermain; Displays; Guided Walks; Clean-up Australia Day; May Planting Event; Vegwatch; Pinnacle Extension; Special and Annual General Meetings
Mar 2019 Update #26
[ pdf 261 kB]
Molonglo Water Main; ParkCare Convenors’ Meeting; Butterfly Walk; Clean Up Australia Day; Upcoming Events; Pinnacle Extension; Weed Control; 2019 AGM May 19th
Dec 2018 Update #25
[ pdf 160 kB]
Jamison Joint ParkCare Display; Spring Walks Program Wrap; Weetangera Primary School Fete; Vegwatch surveys; Meeting with Minister Gentleman; Proposed Planting for Autumn 2019
Sep 2018 Update #24
[ pdf 316 kB]
Annual Planning Meeting with PCS; ParkCare Coordinators’ Meeting; Themeda Rescue; Jamison Joint ParkCare Display; fotpin facebook page
Jul 2018 2018 Report
[ pdf 97 kB]
Convenor's Report to the 2018 AGM, summarising highlights from the previous 12 months.
May 2018 Update #23
[ pdf 208 kB]
Hawker Primary School Fete; Autumn walks; Kangaroo Count; Hazard Reduction Burn; Whitlam Pipeline; 2018 AGM; ParkCare Ranger
Mar 2018 Update #22
[ pdf 137 kB]
Weed Control; ParkCare Coordinators News; Butterfly Walk; Upcoming events; Autumn walk program
Nov 2017 Update #21
[ pdf 398 kB]
Whitlam Pipeline, ParkCare Display at Jamison Centre; Belconnen High School Interaction; Vegwatch Forum; Noticeboard; Butterflies at the Pinnacle; Spring Walks; Annual Planning Meeting; Aboriginal Heritage Walks; Weetangera Primary School Fete
Mar 2017 Update #20
[ pdf 948 kB]
Weed Control; ParkCare Coordinators’ News; Belconnen Hills Vegetation Plan; Pinnacle Extension; Upcoming Events
Jan 2017 Update #19
[ pdf 216 kB]
Spring Walks Program; Annual PCS Planning Meeting; Other Recent Events; Weed Control; Vegwatch; Grassland Slashing Trials; ParkCare Coordinators' News; Collaboration with Belconnen High School
Mar 2016 Update #18
[ pdf 994 kB]
Weed Control; Pinnacle Extension; Clean Up Australia Day; Upcoming Events
Dec 2015 Update #17
[ pdf 304 kB]
Spring Events Program; Other Events; Weed Control; Vegwatch Program (Biodiversity Monitoring); Future Planning
Jun 2015 Newsletter #7
Autumn Bird Walk Report - Elizabeth Smith and John Brannan
Plantings along the Valley Track - John Brannan, Alison Milton and Elizabeth Smith
fotpin’s Fifth Annual Kangaroo Count - Warren Bond and Elizabeth Smith
State of the Pinnacle Walk - Changes and Challenges - Warren Bond
Jun 2015 Update #16
[ pdf 63 kB]
Autumn Events wrap; Planting in the Central and Dam paddocks; 5th Kangaroo Count; Launch of Landcare ACT
Mar 2015 Update #15
[ pdf 148 kB]
Weed Control; Proposed addition to The Pinnacle Nature Reserve; ParkCare Coordinators' News; Hazard Reduction Burns; Successful Clean Up Australia Day at The Pinnacle
Jan 2015 Update #14
[ pdf 122 kB]
Weed Control; Review of Spring Events; Proposed Autumn Panting
Aug 2014 Newsletter #6
[ html]
Autumn at the Pinnacle - Alison Milton
April Bird Walk Report - John Brannan and Alison Milton
Indigenous Heritage Walk Report - Elizabeth Smith
European Heritage Walk Report - Craig Wainwright
Jun 2014 Update #13
[ pdf 69 kB]
Review of Autumn Events and walks (including Indigenous Heritage Walk, European Heritage Walk, Briar Replacement Planting in Bottom Pinnacle and Kangaroo Count); Weed Control
Mar 2014 Update #12
[ pdf 66 kB]
Proposed Briar Replacement Planting; Weed Control; Proposed Hazard Reduction Burns; Proposed Autumn Walks Program
Dec 2013 Update #11
[ pdf 243 kB]
Expenditure review for the Parks and Conservation Service; Spring Walks Program Review; Joint ParkCare Display at Jamison Centre; Small Planting adjacent to the Forest block; Vegwatch (Biodiversity Monitoring) Program; Walking Track Upgrades; Rare Plant Survey of the Pinnacle; Postponement of Hazard Reduction Burns; Weed Control
Nov 2012 Update #10
[ pdf 129 kB]
September Planting/Woodland Restoration Strategy; Erosion control works in the Bottom Pinnacle; 2012 Kangaroo Survey; Rabbit Warren Treatments; Spring Walks Program; Bushfire Operation Plan Meeting; Briar Rose Replacement Program; Tree-cutting & Firewood Gathering in the Reserve; the 2012-13 Weeding Season
Jun 2012 Update #9
[ pdf 91 kB]
The 2011-12 Weeding Season; the Belconnen Hills Woodlands Strategy; Re mediation of ripped rabbit warrens (and planned mapping in August); Proposed Kangaroo Survey; Erosion control activities in Bottom Pinnacle; our July AGM
Mar 2012 Update #8
[ pdf 110 kB]
Erosion control; Presentation at the ACT Weed Forum; Next kangaroo count; Autumn Walks program; July AGM .
Feb 2012 Update #7
[ pdf 85 kB]
Belconnen Hills Woodlands Strategy; Erosion control; Fotpin Grass Project; Biodiversity monitoring
Dec 2012 Christmas Message
[ pdf 22 kB]
Jul 2011 Update #6
[ pdf 67 kB]
Committee meetings; Native grass restoration project; Fotpin website; Weed control, effort tracking and monitoring; Pilot revegetation project; Advocacy; ACT Woodlands Strategy; Bird monitoring; Interaction with Canberra Institute of Technology; Community Service Order workers; Kangaroos and rabbits; Training; Our Guided Walks and Spring Program; Erosion mapping and assessment; Promoting our projects; Newsletters and updates; Equestrians
Jun 2011 Newsletter #5
[ pdf 621 kB]
The First fotpin Kangaroo Count - Warren Bond
The Grass Project (Defeating the Weed Menace Update) - Don Driscoll
What's on the Horizon for fotpin - Pax
Where the Birds are - John Brannan
Apr 2011 Update #5
[ pdf 82 kB]
Monthly and seasonal guided walks; Our kangaroo survey; Pinnacle planting project; Leadership on the scything front; Progress with the Weed Plan; Fotpin’s grass project; CIT student program; Proposed fotpin CSO program; Rabbit monitoring and control; North Kama and Bottom Pinnacle; The land and water conservation project; Management rules; Fotpin’s website; NRM Chair’s visit
Mar 2011 Newsletter #4
[ pdf 659 kB]
The Australia Day Weed-off and BBQ - Heather Burness
Weed Management - Warren Bond
Initial Weed Menace Survey Report - Don Driscoll
The Fences - Don Driscoll
fotpin Kangaroo Rescue - Don Driscoll
A Tale of Frogmouths - John Brannan
Jan 2011 Update #4
[ pdf 30 kB]
The Native Grass Restoration Project; Committee meetings, our Rules, and the 2011 AGM; Pinnacle Environment Education Program; Extending the Pinnacle Nature Reserve; Tracks, trails and horses; Fotpin Australia Day BBQ; Working with Parks; The Weetangera Primary School Fete and future fetes; What has the wet spring/summer meant to us?; Fotpin data and mapping; The Chief Minister’s Woodland Restoration plan; Community service orders; Guided walks – monthly and seasonal; Brochures and interpretive materials; Recording weeding effort
Dec 2010 Newsletter #3
[ pdf 613 kB]
Defeating the Weed Menace - Don Driscoll
Introducing the fotpin Website - Warren Bond
Recording What's Happened Before - fotpin Archives - Mark Hallam
The Pinnacle: Nature Park or Theme Park - Pax
Sep 2010 Newsletter #2
[ pdf 412 kB]
Friends of Grasslands Kama Woodlands Tour - Don Driscoll
Preparing for Spring - Rosemary Blemings
Spring Bird Report - John Brannan
Saving our Soils - Pax
Monitoring Rabbit Activity - Pax
Aug 2010 Update #3
[ pdf 73 kB]

Committee meetings and outcomes; the Weed Plan; Land and water conservation; Rabbits; Membership and OH&S issues; Review of our management rules and our future first AGM; Our field activities; FOTPIN priorities for spring, and how you would like to be involved?
Jun 2010 Newsletter #1
[ pdf 361 kB]
Launch of the fotpin Weed Plan - Pax
Bird Monitoring on The Pinnacle - John Brannan
Kangaroos and Soil Erosion - David Tongway
Rabbit Warren Mapping - Gilbert Hughes
Apr 2010 Update #2
[ pdf 34 kB]
Launch of our draft Community Weed Management Plan; Mapping of potential Pink Tail Worm Lizard habitat; the Case for a fotpin Committee; Natural Temperate Grassland on The Pinnacle; the Rabbit plan; ChemCert requirements; liaising with the Belconnen Community Council
Mar 2010 Update #1
[ pdf 61 kB]
The need for regular newsletters; ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment; Weeding group schedules; draft Weed Plan; Rabbit warren mapping; Pinnacle photography; Weed spraying; surveying the Pinnacle for Pink Tailed Worm Lizards and their habitat

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