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The following is a list of 29 species of native wasps that have been observed on the Pinnacle Nature Reserve as well as 1 exotic species. It includes both those positively identified to the exact species as well as those incompletely identified.

All species listed, apart from the European wasp, are native to the area.

Photos below were taken on the Reserve by Alison Milton


  Common name Scientific name hover over image to see name
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Flower wasps   Scolia (Discolia) verticalis [Yellow-headed hairy flower wasp]
  Blue-winged flower wasp Austroscolia soror
  Yellow-headed hairy flower wasp Scolia (Discolia) verticalis
  Smooth flower wasp Rhagigaster ephippiger
  Unidentified Smooth flower wasp Tiphiidae sp. (family)
Parasitic wasps    
  Unidentified Braconid wasp Braconidae sp. (family) Braconidae sp. [A braconid wasp]
  White flank black Braconid wasp Callibracon capitator
  A Diapriid wasp Diapriidae sp. (family)
  A Campopleginae Parasitic Wasp Dusona sp. (genus)
  An ichneumon wasp Enicospilus sp. (genus)
  Two-toned caterpillar parasite Heteropelma scaposum
  Unidentified ichneumon wasp Ichneumonidae sp. (family)
  Orchid dupe wasp Lissopimpla excelsa
  Long-tailed wasp Megalyra sp. (genus)
  A Perilampid wasp Perilampus sp.
  A Braconid wasp Pycnobraconoides sp. (genus)
  A gall forming wasp Terobiella sp. (genus)
Potter wasps  
  A Potter wasp Delta bicinctum
  Unidentified Potter wasp Eumeninae sp. (subfamily)  
  A Potter wasp Paralastor sp. (genus)  
Sand or digger wasps    
  Unidentified Bembix sand wasp Bembix sp. (genus) Bembix sp. [unidentified Bembix sand wasp]
  A Braconid wasp Pycnobraconoides sp. (genus)
  Unidentified solitary wasp Crabroninae sp. (subfamily)
  Unidentified Grass-carrying wasp Isodontia sp. (genus)
  Black mud-dauber wasp Pison sp. (genus)
  Formosum mud-dauber Sceliphron formosum
  Unidentified Cerceris wasp Cerceris sp. (genus)
Spider wasps    
  A spider wasp Fabriogenia sp. (genus)  
  Zebra spider wasp Turneromyia sp. (genus)  
Other native wasps    
  Mutillid or 'velvet ant' wasp Bothriomutilla rugicolli  
  Cuckoo wasp Primeuchroeus sp. (genus)    
Exotic wasps   Vespula germanica [European wasp]
  European wasp Vespula germanica



For more photos from the Pinnacle and elsewhere in the ACT, follow this link to the Canberra Nature Map


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