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Current Weather

The closest Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) automatic weather station to the Pinnacle that reports frequently to a web page is at the Canberra Airport (15 km away) which can have quite different weather to The Pinnacle.

In recent years a number of amateur weather stations that report at frequent intervals to web sites have sprung up. One of the portals for these is Weather Underground and there are several stations within 2 or 3 km of the Reserve, as shown on the map below. Clicking on the map image below will take you to a live version showing the current temperature and wind direction at each of those sites. Clicking on any of them will enable access to current weather conditions as well as weather history at that site.

Note that to show data in metric units you need to go to the menu "hamburger" icon on the right hand side of any Weather Underground page, select "settings" and then select °C.


Weather Underground stations near the Pinnacle Nature Reserve
map of weather stations


Caution: Reliable weather measurements require certain standards for both the instruments used and their siting and maintenance. The Weather Underground stations do not generally meet the stringent requirements of BoM stations and therefore provide variable accuracy. Nevertheless they can provide a useful guide to our local weather conditions that may be more accurate than those from the BoM Canberra Airport station because they represent local conditions rather than those at the airport.

When taken together they may provide a better guide than any one Weather Underground station by itself. The consistency of the temperature across all the sites at the time the map above was captured gives confidence that the temperature was close to 18 degrees near The Pinnacle. The variation in the wind direction could be real or could be related to the accuracy of the instruments varying between sites.

Note that the map above reflects the default settings (showing temperature and wind direction at each site) when you first open it. There are options to select rainfall or humidity instead, but note that the rainfall shown on the map is in cm not in mm, although it is in mm when you look at individual sites.

Current conditions from the Bureau of Meteorology

Canberra airport observations
Canberra Radar
High resolution geostationary satellite images (10 minute intervals for previous 4 hours)


BoM 7-day forecast BoM Canberra Forecast
BoM rainfall forecast maps Daily (whole of Australia)
  3-hourly (NSW)
  3-hourly (whole of Australia)
Climate Outlook for
next 3 months


Rainfall history

The Rainfall History web page is updated monthly and contains tables and charts of rainfall for each month since 2010.

This data is based on the two manually recorded Bureau of Meteorology met stations closest to The Pinnacle (Aranda an Melba). There are a number of manual stations across the ACT to supplement the limited number of automatic weather stations. They are set up and monitored to BoM standards.

The rainfall records from these two stations have been used to compile a rainfall history for the Reserve which is used to help understand variations in weed prevalence between seasons. They have also been used to compile mean and media rainfall for each month and year for the period since recording at those sites began (1974).

From time to time this historical database is used to produce other statistics as well, such as:

  • the period from 1 July to 31 December 2019 was the driest July to December of the 46 years of records with only 105 mm (an average of 17 mm per month) well below the 46-year median for this period of 361 mm (60 mm per month);
  • the rainfall for the 2019 calendar year (374 mm) was the third smallest since records commenced in 1974, ahead of 345 mm in 1982 and 360 mm in 2006; and
  • the total rainfall for 2017 to 2019 was 1488 mm, only 4 mm more than the driest 3 year period which was from 2006 to 2008 in the middle of the "millennium" drought.











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