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Maps of weeding effort for the 2020 - 2021 season

African love grass St Johns Wort Blackberries
Briars Saffron thistles Verbascum
Paterson's curse Other grass weeds of National significance Capeweed
  other Woody weeds  

Briars treated, 2020-2021 (for detailed or more recent maps, refer to recent weeding)
    See also Briar density map below



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Briar density map *

Briar density

* This map was compiled from the locations of all briars treated on the Reserve and neighbouring paddocks between July 2011 and June 2020


More briar density maps:
View in Google Earth Download this file: briardensity2011-20_ALL.kmz [283 kB] and open it in Google Earth to see the above map overlaid semi-transparently on the latest Google Earth imagery.
Tip: To ensure you are looking down vertically in Google Earth, click anywhere on the map and then hit the "R" key on your keyboard.
Other time periods Go to the briar density maps web page to see maps for each individual season, as well as cumulative maps for 2011-2020.



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