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Weeding effort (hours) for each weed type distributed across paddocks
(in order of priority from the Weed Management Plan)
[see the note on interpretation below]






verbascumspear & scotch thistles

patersons curse


Other weeds tackled (not in Weed Management Plan)

mustardPrickly lettuce

nightshadeother thistles

broadleafswoody weeds


Note on Interpretation:
All other things being equal, these distributions of effort across the paddocks should be indicative of the relative severity of infestation by each of the weed species in the July 2010 to June 2011 weeding year. Broadly speaking this is true; horehound, saffron thistles and spear and scotch thistles are more prevalent in the centre of the Reserve than at either the eastern or western ends, and briars occur across most of the Reserve except in the Forest.

There are exceptions to this, however. The effort for St Johns Wort (SJW), for example, is skewed towards the Forest. This does not indicate a greater occurrence of SJW in the Forest, but reflects that fact that most of the SJW control was carried out by grubbing and pulling, whereas for the rest of the Reserve control was predominantly by spraying, which is less time consuming. Similarly, the significantly larger effort on broadleaf weeds in the Forest is not because of a greater infestation there, but because in the Forest we place a higher priority on removal of broadleaf weeds than across the rest of the Reserve.


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