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Weeding effort (hours) for each weed type distributed across paddocks
(in order of priority from the Weed Management Plan)
[see the note on interpretation below]


Note: "Northern Boundary" is the narrow strip outside the northern fence but still part of the Reserve.




Cootamundra wattlesaffrons


spear & scotch thistlespatersons curse

Exotic weeds


Other weeds tackled (not in Weed Management Plan)


woody weedsPrickly lettuce

other thistles


Note on Interpretation:
All other things being equal, these distributions of effort across the paddocks should be indicative of the relative severity of infestation by each of the weed species in the July 2011 to June 2012 weeding year. Although the Reserve was not clear of all weeds at the end of our weeding year, the target species were largely under control in all paddocks of the reserve.

For most weed species, therefore, the above graphs give a good indication of relative severity of weed infestation.

There are, of course, some exceptions.

The most notable exception is St. Johns Wort (SJW). We were assisted in the spraying of SJW by a PCS contractor in Kama and Southern paddocks and in North Kama and Bottom Pinnacle, and we have been unable to obtain their effort to add to ours. Suffice it to say that the level of infestation by SJW was much greater in Kama and Southern paddocks than indicated by the graphs, probably by 2- or 3-fold.

In addition, the level of infestation of some weeds in the Forest appears higher than perhaps it was because of the more labour-intensive control methods used there (spraying is kept to a minimum), and the greater effort spent in targeting weeds that are not a high priority in other parts of the Reserve but which are important to control in the high-conservation value Forest paddock.


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