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Friends of The Pinnacle currently has a range of activities and issues, consistent with our objectives, that members and other interested people can help with or participate in.

Activity Information
Weed Management   - see the weeding overview page for more detailed information

Spraying weeds with herbicides

When: Weekends from September to May, Saturday and Sunday mornings; other times by arrangement Main contact: Coordinator
Additional information: Volunteers Required. You need to be accredited through "Chemcert" training to spray herbicides. This requires attending a 1-2 day training course, most of the cost of which is paid for by Parks and Conservation or the Ginninderra Catchment Group.

Hoeing weeds

When: Every Thursday morning throughout the year. Saturday mornings occasionally. Main contact: Coordinator
Additional information: Bob leads Thursday weeding teams, Len those on Saturday.
See "What's On" for dates, times, meeting points and contact information.

Slashing with brushcutters

When: Weekends from November to February, when saffron thistles are dense Main contact: Coordinator
Additional information: Volunteers need to receive training from Parks and Conservation (which we can organize for you at no cost), and to meet their OH&S requirements.
Erosion Assessment and Management


When: Autumn, winter and spring 2012 Main contact: Coordinator
Additional information: We are conducting erosion surveys of tracks (), ephemeral drainage lines () and selected soil surface areas within the Reserve ( ) to inform our proposed land and water conservation plan, and to provide a baseline for future monitoring.

Commencing in 2012, with the assistance of PCS, a series of erosion control works have been implemented in the most serious areas of drainage line erosion.

If you would like to join in and assist with these assessments, please contact us. See more information here.


When: As opportunities arise Main contact:
Additional information:

For more details, see the Revegetation web page.

Letterbox dropping flyers and brochures

When: As needed Main contact: Convenor
Additional information: This is timed to advertise our autumn and spring activities. Feel free to name and "own" your local streets.

Affixing fotpin posters to prominent places in local suburbs

When: Early autumn and late winter  
Additional information: This is timed to advertise our autumn and spring activities, and will be aligned with letterbox drops.
Guided Walks

Themed seasonal walks

When: Spring and Autumn or when there is something extra special to see on The Pinnacle Main contact:
Additional information: Seasonal walks are usually guided by speakers with a specialised knowledge in a seasonal topic, such as birds, wildflowers, or native grasses.
See "What's On" for dates, times and meeting points.
Rabbit Management

Rabbit warren and activity monitoring

When: Late autumn, late winter and December Main contact:
Warren Bond
Additional information: We mapped the location of rabbit warrens across The Pinnacle Nature Reserve, Bottom Pinnacle and North Kama property (in autumn 2010) and from this created a GPS route to monitor the condition (number of active burrows) of a sample of warrens in following winters, summers and autumns.

Rabbit burrow mapping is now carried out as part of our regular activities, with all members carrying out activities on the Reserve encouraged to waypoint active burrows when they see them. The file of locations is then forwarded to PCS each Autumn and Spring to inform their biannual eradication program.

See more information here and contact us if you would like to assist.
Kangaroo Monitoring

Kangaroo numbers and impact monitoring

When: As opportunities arise Main contact: Convenor
Additional information: On May 1, 2011, ACT Land Management and Planning carried out its first count of Eastern Grey Kangaroos on The Pinnacle Nature Reserve and the adjoining North Kama property, Bottom Pinnacle and rural lease (see location map). This was done with the encouragement of fotpin, and with considerable volunteer labour from members and friends (see news). The numbers resulting from this sweep count will be used by PCS to inform management decisions for The Pinnacle Nature Reserve. See more information here.

As time permits, fotpin will assess the impact of kangaroos on the Nature Reserve, looking at, among other things, the impact of kangaroo grazing on native grasses and other plants, and the impact on soil erosion. Information on kangaroo numbers will also help inform and interpret the results of our native grass restoration project.

The kangaroo count will be repeated annually.
Fire Management

Development of a fotpin fire policy for the PNR

When: 2011-2012 Main contact: Convenor
Additional information: While prescribed burning of the Pinnacle Nature Reserve is recognised as being important for minimising the risk of bushfires affecting the nearby suburbs,unless carefully managed it poses significant risk to the ecological values of the Reserve. The frequency of burning currently proposed in the in the ACT Government's Strategic Bushfire Management Plan (2009) is likely to degrade the best parts of the Reserve, and we can expect loss of plant (e.g. obligate seeding species) and animal (e.g. White winged triller) species, increases in weeds (e.g. Cootamundra Wattle) and increased soil erosion due to reduced surface cover.
It is proposed to develop a fotpin discussion paper aimed at engaging stakeholders and gathering feedback to refine a fire policy that offers protection to both the neighbouring suburbs and the Reserve.
Archiving and record keeping

Natural and cultural records

When: Throughout the year Main contact:
Warren Bond
Additional information: We are seeking all available natural and cultural information for the Pinnacle, Kama and this portion of the Lower Molonglo Valley. Please contact Mark if you have anything to offer here.

Photographic records/collection

When: Throughout the year Main contact:
Warren Bond
Additional information: Mark is establishing and maintaining an image library. If you have any images of the Pinnacle's plants, birds, landscapes, people, past or present please contact Mark.
Community Engagement and Education



When: Currently on hold awaiting an new advocate Main contact: Convenor

Additional information: fotpin is assisting two local primary school teachers, Peter and Brian, to develop an environmental education curriculum, based and/or focussed upon the Pinnacle Nature Reserve, for implementation by teachers in the local schools.
Peter and Brian need expert information from those who are able to give it in the following areas:

  • Grasses and botany
  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Geology
  • Ecology
  • Trees
  • Erosion and soil
  • Creative activities with an environmental focus (This could include creative writing, music,art performance work etc)
  • Mathematics in relation to environmental pursuits
  • General science learning in relation to Pinnacle Nature Reserve

If you can help or can give contact details for those who could, please contact the Convenor.


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