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Aboriginal Heritage Walk at the Pinnacle, 22 April 2018

*This event is supported with funding made available by the ACT Government under the ACT Heritage Grants Program.

Text and Photos by John Brannan

Ngunawal elder Wally Bell led a highly successful Aboriginal Heritage walk at the Pinnacle Nature Reserve on Sunday April 22nd. Almost thirty people turned up to hear Wally talk about the connection that his family and his people have to the land that we now call Canberra. He discussed Ngunawal cultural practices, passing around artifacts to illustrate his talk, and gave a welcome to country in language, something that I think made a deep impression on everyone present.

tailed emporer

His walk took us through woodland and grassland areas, giving Wally the opportunity to show us how his people have used some of the local plants, and finished with a stroll to the top of the Pinnacle, where he talked about his people’s pathways through the landscape and touched on the different types of scar tree found in the area.

Despite it being a chilly and at times damp morning, everyone found the event extremely informative and rewarding. I for one am very much looking forward to the second of Wally’s walks at the Pinnacle, currently scheduled for some time in October. Keep an eye on the Fotpin website for details closer to the time.



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