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The following is a list of 123 species of beetles observed on the Pinnacle Nature Reserve. It includes both those positively identified to the exact species as well as those incompletely identified.

All species listed are native to the area.

Photos below were taken on the Reserve by Alison Milton


Common name Scientific name hover over image to see name
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Darkling beetles   Helea ovata [A Pie-dish beetle]
  Bronzed field beetle Adelium brevicorne
  A Darkling beetle Adelium porcatum
  Honeybrown beetle Ecnolagria grandis
  A Pie-dish beetle Helea ovata
  A Darkling beetle Homotrysis cisteloides
  A Darkling beetle Homotrysis lugubris
  A Darkling beetle Isopteron triviale
  A Darkling beetle Meneristes australis
  A Comb-clawed beetle Neocistela ovalis
  A Pie-dish beetle Pterohelaeus laticollis
  A Comb-clawed beetle Tanychilus sp. (genus)  
Jewel beetles   Diphucrania leucosticta [White-flecked acacia jewel beetle]
  Hypoleucus jewel beetle Agrilus hypoleucus
  White-flecked acacia jewel beetle Diphucrania leucosticta
  Other unidentified jewel beetle Diphucrania sp.
  Melobasis jewel beetle Melobasis sordida
Lady beetles   Coccinella transversalis [Transverse Ladybird]
  Southern ladybird Cleobora mellyi
  Transverse ladybird Coccinella transversalis
  Mealybug ladybird Cryptolaemus montrouzieri
  Common Spotted Ladybird Harmonia conformis
  Orange-spotted Ladybird Orcus australasiae
  Unidentifed Scymnodes Ladybird Scymnodes sp. (genus)
Leaf beetles    
  no common name Adoxia benallae  
  Unidentified flea beetle Alticini sp. (tribe) [2 species] Aporocera (Aporocera) consors [A leaf beetle]
  no common name Aporocera (Aporocera) consors
  A case bearing leaf beetle Aporocera (Aporocera) flaviventris
  no common name Aporocera (Aporocera) jocosa
  no common name Aporocera (Aporocera) speciosa
  Red-legged flea beetle Arsipoda holomelaena
  A leaf beetle Cadmus (Brachycaulus) ferrugineus
  no common name Cadmus luctuosus
  Acacia leaf beetle Calomela bartoni
  Acacia leaf beetle Calomela curtisi
  A leaf beetle Calomela juncta  
  A leaf beetle Calomela maculicollis Calomela vittata [Acacia leaf beetle]
  A leaf beetle Calomela moorei
  A leaf beetle Calomela parilis
  Acacia leaf beetle Calomela vittata
  Acacia leaf beetle Calomela sp.
  Acacia leaf beetle Dicranosterna immaculata
  A leaf beetle Ditropidus pulchellus
  Unidentified leaf beetle Ditropidus sp. [2 species]
  A leaf beetle Edusella sp. (genus)
  A leaf beetle Elaphodes cervinus
  A leaf beetle Monolepta froggatti
  Unidentified leaf beetle Monolepta sp. (genus)
  A paropsine leaf beetle Paropsini sp. (tribe)
  Eucalyptus tortoise beetle Paropsis aegrota
  Eucalyptus leaf beetle Paropsis atomaria
  no common name Paropsis obsoleta  
  Unidentified leaf beetle Paropsis sp. (genus) Paropsisterna fastidiosa [Eucalyptus leaf beetle]
  Eucalyptus variegated leaf beetle Paropsisterna cloelia
  Eucalyptus leaf beetle Paropsisterna decolorata
  Eucalyptus leaf beetle Paropsisterna fastidiosa
  Glorious eucalyptus leaf beetle Paropsisterna gloriosa
  A leaf beetle Paropsisterna hectica
  Eucalyptus leaf beetle Paropsisterna m-fuscum
  A leaf beetle Paropsisterna sp. ("Ch11" of DeLittle 1979)
  Unidentified leaf beetle Paropsisterna sp. (genus)
  Oceanica leaf beetle Peltoschema oceanica
  no common name Peltoschema tetraspilota
  Unidentified brown button beetle Trachymela sp.  
Longhorn beetles   Uracanthus triangularis [Triangular marked banksia longhorn beetle]
  A longhorn beetle Ancita marginicollis
  Unidentified longhorn beetle Ancita sp. [2 species]
  Jugosa longhorn beetle Brachytria jugosa
  One banded longicorn Obrida fascialis
  Common eucalypt longicorn beetle Phoracantha semipunctata
  A longhorn beetle Rhytiphora albocincta
  A longhorn beetle Syllitus rectus
  Triangular marked banksia longhorn beetle Uracanthus triangularis
Scarab beetles    
  Green-tailed Christmas beetle Anoplognathus chloropyrus  
  Montane Christmas beetle Anoplognathus montanus Chlorobapta frontalis [Flower scarab]
  Cashew beetle Anoplognathus pallidicollis
  Porosus Christmas beetle Anoplognathus porosus
  Centreline Christmas beetle Anoplognathus suturalis
  Flower scarab Chlorobapta frontalis
  Fiddler Beetle Eupoecila australasiae
  Dimidiatus scarab beetle Heteronyx dimidiatus
  Unidentified chafer beetle Liparetrus discipennis
  Unidentified chafer beetle Liparetrus sp. (genus)
  A Cockchafer Melolonthinae sp. (subfamily)
  Spotted Flower Chafer Neorrhina punctata
  A Nectar scarab Phyllotocus macleayi
  A Nectar scarab Phyllotocus navicularis  
  A Nectar scarab Phyllotocus rufipennis  
  A Scarab beetle Semanopterus subcostatus  
Weevils   Rhinotia sp. [Unidentified Rhinotia weevil]
  Botany Bay weevil Chrysolopus spectabilis
  A Ground weevil Cubicorhynchus sp. (genus)
  A leaf-rolling weevil Euops sp. (genus)
  no common name Oxyops fasciculatus
  Unidentified Rhinaria weevil Rhinaria sp. (genus)
  A belid weevil Rhinotia adelaidae
  A belid weevil Rhinotia filiformis
  Lycid-mimic belid weevil, Slender Red Weevil Rhinotia haemoptera
  A belid weevil Rhinotia phoenicoptera
  A belid weevil Rhinotia sparsa
  A belid weevil Rhinotia sp. in brunnea-group
  Unidentified Rhinotia weevil (2 species) Rhinotia sp. (genus)
Other beetles    
  A Flea beetle Alticini (tribe)  
  Passalid beetle Aulacocyclus edentulus  
  Plague soldier beetle Chauliognathus lugubris  
  Tricolor soldier beetle Chauliognathus tricolor  
  Soft-winged flower beetle Dasytinae (subfamily) Trigonodera sp. [Unidentified wedge-shaped beetle]
  Red and Blue Pollen Beetle Dicranolaius bellulus
  A Clerid beetle Eleale pulchra
  A Clerid beetle Eleale simplex
  False click beetle Eucnemidae sp. (family)
  Unidentified wedge-shaped beetle Euctenia sp.
  False click beetle Hemiopsida sp. (genus)
  Soft-winged flower beetle Melyridae sp. (family)
  Pintail or tumbling flower beetle Mordella dumbrelli
  Pintail beetle Mordella limbata
  Unidentified Pintail or tumbling flower beetle Mordella sp. (genus)
  Unidentified Pintail or tumbling flower beetle Mordellidae sp. (family)
  A Carab beetle Notonomus sp. (genus)
  A Clerid beetle Phlogistus sp. (genus)
  Long-nosed Lycid (net-winged) beetle Porrostoma rhipidium
  Unidentified wedge-shaped beetle Ptilophorus sp. (genus)
  Feather-horned beetle Rhipicera (Agathorhipis) femorata
  A Rove beetle Staphylinidae (family)  


For more photos from the Pinnacle and elsewhere in the ACT, follow this link to the Canberra Nature Map


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