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Use this form to contribute to the weed notes page.
Contributions will usually be added to the page within 24 hours.




Additional Information

Field Format     Instructions
Date dd-mm-yy Dateof contribution; eg 01-09-10 for 1st Sep 2010.
Name text  
Weed text List any weeds to which your comments apply.
Paddock text List paddock(s) to which your comments apply, if specific to particular paddocks.
Comments text Enter your comment here. The box will expand to fit as much text as you wish to enter.
Password text Until further notice, use first name of person entering information.
Submit   This opens up an automatically addressed email "new message" window with the encoded data you have just entered in the body of the message or in an attachment. Just click "Send" to send the data for processing.
Reset   Clears all data from form.


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