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Viewing the web pages

Regrettably, the most widely used web browser, Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE), does not follow the commonly accepted Standard for html code, the source code with which web pages are constructed. The "exceptions" to the standard that Microsoft uses are not well documented, making it very difficult for an amateur (and many professional) web designer to build web pages that display consistently across most commonly used browsers. It is far easier to have pages displaying well in non-IE browsers. While your webmaster tries hard (often a lengthy, time-consuming process) to make the website appear and behave the same in IE as in the other browsers, this is not always entirely possible.

This means that our fotpin website is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or another browser that obeys the standard specifications (these browsers are all free).


Email addresses on the web pages

As part of our strategy to minimise the risk from email addresses being gleaned from the website by spammers, personal email addresses are not used on the website. As a consequence, when you click on the link to "Warren Bond", for example, your email will be directed to and be forwarded on to him.

In addition, to further guard against spammers harvesting addresses from our site, many of our email addresses are encoded; they never appear within the source code of the page as a recognisable email address.

When you click on a "mailto:" link, the email address is decoded and send to your default email application, which opens up a message composition window.



Why can't I send an email to fotpin with my preferred email application?

As explained above, it is fotpin's security policy that email addresses are not disclosed on the website until you click on a "mailto:" link on one of the webpages.

When you do that, your web browser opens up the email application running on your computer that it has been "told" about when it was installed. If that is not the email application that you normally use, just copy the email address (and any email content automatically generated by the webpage) from the email message composition window that has been opened and paste it in your preferred email application.

Note that the fotpin website has no control over what email application is opened by your browser.

Other questions?

Contact the webmaster.


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