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Comparison of effort in 2015-16 with earlier seasons

for each weed type (see comments below)

for the Total Effort, for the Reserve only or for the Neighbouring paddocks only

Total Effort (Reserve plus Bottom Pinnacle plus North Kama)


For month by month comparisons of weeding effort against previous seasons for each weed type, see
the weed type monthly history


Weed type Comparative
(relative to last season)
      Likely reasons
African Lovegrass more Effort consistent with previous seasons.
St. Johns Wort much more Spraying of St. John's Wort began early this season and regular rainfall has kept it germinating and flowering, with continued spraying resulting in large effort totals. Combined with considerably more effort in Bottom Pinnacle and North Kama South, because of no effort from contract sprayers as we have had in previous seasons, this has resulted in the largest ever effort for the season to date.
Blackberries more Weather conditions this season have favoured germination and growth of blackberry seeds resulting in more than normal small plants to treat.
Briars more More effort than last season but similar to the previous season because of ideal conditions for germination and growth.
Cootamundra wattle similar Very little Cootamundra wattle left on the Reserve.
Saffron thistles much less Overall, we seem to be experiencing less Saffron thistles this season than previously, particularly in some of the intense patches on the Reserve which seem to be responding to previous seasons' treatments. In some areas, particularly Bottom Pinnacle, it could also be that they are going untreated this season because of fewer resources.
Horehound about the same Horehound is decreasing in prevalence across the Reserve and neighbouring paddocks in response to treatment in previous seasons. More effort is expected to be required again next season.
Verbascum much more Verbascum spraying commenced in October this season compared with November in the last few seasons. In addition a second pre-Christmas sweep of the Reserve was necessary this season because of the favourable growing conditions. With greater than average summer rainfall this season again resulting in a large effort in Autumn, this season's required effort is second only to the 2011-12 Season, which followed the wettest summer since our records began.

non-Saffron thistles much less Spear and Scotch thistles have not been as prevalent in the last two seasons as previously, though Winged Slender thistles have become more common and have absorbed much of the effort shown. A large amount of effort was spent in March bagging seed heads, however.
Paterson's Curse much less There is very little Paterson's curse in evidence so far this season on the Reserve which we attribute largely to weather conditions, though there is some evidence that our spraying in previous seasons is also contributing. It is widespread in the North Kama paddocks, however, where the deeper soil quarantines it somewhat against the dry weather. We have carried out little treatment of it in those paddocks.
Capeweed much more Capeweed is encroaching on parts of the Reserve along and around some of the tracks (particularly in the north of the Reserve) and attempts are being made to step up our effort to control it. The amount of effort that we have been able to devote to its control this season is much less than required.
Exotic grasses (Serrated tussock, Chilean Needle grass) similar More than last season but similar to previous seasons.
Other woody weeds more More than last season, but similar to the one before. There are very few woody weeds (other than briars) left on the Reserve and fewer every season in the neighbouring paddocks. Treatment is sporadic.
Miscellaneous broadleaf weeds more This category includes Hoary mustard, fleabane, skeleton weed, flatweed, catsear, Tragopogon, etc. The amount of effort spent on these depends more on the resources available than the prevalence of the weeds. Grubbing teams this season have been busy on this category because there are few of the higher priority weeds in evidence so far this season.
Nightshade about the same  
Prickly lettuce about the same  


Reserve Only


Bottom Pinnacle and North Kama only


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