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Date mixed (dd-mm-yy)
Date used (dd-mm-yy)
Active ingredient
Sprayers (or dabbers):    



Target weeds


Total spraying time (approximate):      hours
Weather:     Wind Rain


Unused chemical mixture remaining: (date mixed and volume)
Additional Comments:

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Additional Information

Field Format     Instructions
Date mixed dd-mm-yy Date that the chemical was mixed; eg 01-09-10 for 1st Sep 2010.
Date used dd-mm-yy Date that the chemical was used; eg 01-09-10 for 1st Sep 2010.
Active ingredient   Select from drop-down list
Sprayers or Dabbers text Name(s) of people applying these chemicals
Paddock   Select from drop-down list
Volume number Volume (Litres) of chemical used in this paddock
Total Volume   Calculated automatically from the sum of all volumes entered; use it as a check that you have apportioned all the chemical used to paddocks by clicking submit before entering remaining fields
Target weeds text List target weeds, in order greatest to least prevalence
Total time spent applying chemical number Approximate total time (in hours) of spraying (or dabbing) for all paddocks and people applying chemical. (This must be total; unlike the effort log, no multiplication by number of people or paddocks is done).
Weather text wind: calm; light (to 16 km/h); moderate (16-24 km/h); fresh (24-34 km/h)
rain: in 12-23 hours prior to application or after application
other: any relevant descriptors: eg. hot, warm, cool, humid, sunny, cloudy
Chemical remaining text amount left (and date it was mixed)
Additional Comments text Enter any additional information here. For example: additional activities carried out (bagging, pulling, etc of target or other weeds); stage of plant growth; weed density; spillage and follow-up action; etc.
email address text If you enter your email address correctly you will receive a copy of your logged data by email.
Password text Please enter the password that has been sent to you. If you haven't received a password, email the webmaster to obtain one.
Submit   This submits the data you have just entered, unless there are errors in the form, in which case messages in red will indicate where you need to make changes.

NB: It can take several seconds for the form to be processed; during this time the form disappears from the screen.

If there are no errors the data will be sent to the website and if you enter your email address a copy will be sent to you. Successful submission is indicated by a message including a timestamp for reference (and to let you check if a second or subsequent submission of data is made in the same session).

Once the data has been successfully submitted a new button appears; click it to simplify sending the gps current and/or waypoint files to the webmaster. Note that this only needs to be done once for each set of files.


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