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The following is a list of 62 species of moths and their caterpillars or pupae observed on the Pinnacle Nature Reserve. It includes both those positively identified to the exact species as well as those incompletely identified.

Photos below were taken on the Reserve by Alison Milton


Common name Scientific name hover over images to see names and click to enlarge
Anthelid moths    
  Varied anthelid Anthela varia  
Case moths   Lepidosa arctiella [Tower case moth]
  Faggot case moth Clania ignobilis
  Lewin's case moth Clania lewinii
  Ribbed Case Moth Hyalarcta nigrescens
  Tower Case Moth Lepidoscia arctiella
  Unidentified cone case moth Lepidoscia sp. (genus)
  Unidentified case moth or bagworm Psychidae sp. (family)
  Less-stick case moth Trigonocytarra clandestina
Concealer moths   Olbonoma triptycha [Concealer moth]
  no common name Garrha pudica
  no common name Isomoralla eriscota
  A concealer moth Ocystola paulinella
  Unidentified concealer moth Oecophorinae sp. (subfamily)
  A concealer moth Olbonoma triptycha
  A concealer moth Parergophela melirrhoa
  A concealer moth Philobota sp. (Undescribed species, near arabella)
  A concealer moth Telocharacta sp. (genus)  
  A concealer moth Thema macroscia  
Curved-horn moths  
  A Cosmet moth Macrobathra desmotoma  
Geometer moths  
  Pink Arhodia Arhodia lasiocamparia Arhodia lasiocamparia [Pink Arhodia]
  Geometer moth Boarmiini sp. (tribe)
  Grey Spotted Wave Dithalama cosmospila
  Red-spotted Delicate Epicyme rubropunctaria
  Long-nosed epidesmia Epidesmia hypenaria
  Fallen-bark Looper, Beautiful Leaf Moth Gastrophora henricaria
  Unidentified immature Geometer moths Geometridae (family) Immatures
  White-edged Wave Idaea costaria
  Black Geometrid Melanodes anthracitaria
  Autumn Gum moth Mnesampela privata
  Lemon Gum Moth Plesanemma fucata
  Varied Wave Scopula optivata Lymantriinae sp. [Unidentified Tussock moth]
  Reddish Wave Scopula rubraria
  Looper Moth, Grey Taxeotis Taxeotis intextata
Noctuoid moths
  Omnivorous Tussock Moth Acyphas semiochrea
  Pasture Day Moth Apina callisto
  Green Blotched Moth Cosmodes elegans
  Yellow-spotted Epicoma Moth Epicoma contristis
  Yellow-banded Day-moth Eutrichopidia latinus  
  Unidentified Tussock moth Lymantriinae sp. (subfamily) Asura lydia [Lydia lichen moth]
  Painted apple moth Orgyia anartoides
  Black Turnip moth Neumichtis nigerrima
  Willow-herb day-moth Phalaenoides tristifica
  Gum-leaf Skeletoniser Uraba lugens
Pyralid or Snout Moths  
  Cotton Web Spinner Achyra affinitalis
  Kurrajong Bag Moth Dichocrocis clytusalis
  Webworm Hednota bivittella
  A Pyramid moth Nacoleia rhoeoalis  
  A Snout moth Nomophila corticalis Utetheisa pulchelloides [Heliotrope moth]
Tiger moths  
  Donovan's Tiger Moth Aloa marginata
  Lydia Lichen Moth Asura lydia
  Senecio or Magpie moth Nyctemera amicus
  Dark-banded footman Thallarcha partita
  Heliotrope moth Utetheisa pulchelloides
Tortricid moths  
  Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittana  
Other moths

Doratifera quadriguttata [Four-spotted Cup moth caterpillar]

  Magnificent Ghost moth Abantiades magnificus
  A Metalmark moth Choreutidae (family)
  Four-spotted Cup Moth Doratifera quadriguttata
  A Zygaenid moth Hestiochora furcata
  An Adelid moth Nemophora sparsella
  A Ghost moth Oxycanus sp. (genus)
  Plume Moth Platyptilia celidotus
  Satin-green Forester Pollanisus viridipulverulentus
  Other unidentified moth species Lepidoptera sp.
  Hestiochora furcata [A Zygaenid moth] Pollanisus viridipulverulentus [Satin-green Forester moth]


See our caterpillar photo gallery for more photos of Pinnacle caterpillars, and use the following link to the Canberra Nature Map for more photos of moths and caterpillars found on the Pinnacle:



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