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The following is a list of 132 species of other insects. It includes both those positively identified to the exact species as well as those incompletely identified.

All species listed are native to the area.

Photos below were taken on the Reserve by Alison Milton


  Common name Scientific name hover over image to see name
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Ants   Camponotus nigriceps [Black-headed sugar ant]
  A Slow ant Amblyopone sp. (genus)
  A Black Cocktail ant Anonychomyrma sp.
  A Golden-tailed sugar ant Camponotus aeneopilosus
  Banded sugar ant Camponotus consobrinus
  Black-headed sugar ant Camponotus nigriceps
  Sugar ant Camponotus nigroaeneus
  A Golden-tailed sugar ant Camponotus suffusus
  Unidentified species of sugar ant Camponotus sp. (genus)
  Meat ant Iridomyrmex purpureus
  Tufted tyrant ant Iridomyrmex rufoniger Papyrius nitidus [Shining Coconut ants]
  Unidentified Iridomyrmex sp. Iridomyrmex sp.
  Field-furnace ant Melophorus perthensis
  Bull ant or Jack Jumper Myrmecia sp., pilosula-group
  A Jack Jumper Myrmecia sp.
  A Notoncus ant Notoncus sp. (genus)
  Shining coconut ant Papyrius nitidus
  Hairy coconut ant Papyrius sp. (undescribed)
  Coconut ant Papyrius sp
  A native bee Euryglossa adelaidae
  Reed bee Exoneura sp. (genus)
  Hylaeine colletid bee Hylaeus (Euprosopis) honestus
  Halictid bee Lasioglossum (Chilalictus) lanarium
  Halictid bee Lasioglossum (Parasphecodes) sp. (genus & subgenus)
  Plaster bee Leioproctus sp. (genus)
  Halictid bee Lipotriches (Austronomia) australica
  Halictid bee Lipotriches (Austronomia) ferricauda  
  Resin bee Megachile ferox  
Cicadas   Cicadettini sp. [unidentified Cicada]
  Unidentified Cicada Cicadettini sp.
  Double-spotted cicada Galanga labeculata
Cockroaches   Laxta sp. [Bark cockroach]
  Bark cockroach Calolampra sp. (genus)
  Austral Ellipsidion cockroach Ellipsidion australe
  A diurnal cockroach Ellipsidion sp. (genus)
  Common trilobite cockroach, Bark cockroach Laxta granicollis
  Bark cockroach Laxta sp. (genus)
  Common wood cockroach Panesthia australis
  Red-legged litter runner Platyzosteria similis
  Shelford's variable cockroach Robshelfordia circumducta
  Shelford's western cockroach Robshelfordia simplex
Dragonflies and Damselflies Hemicordulia tau [Tau emerald]
  Blue-spotted Hawker Adversaeschna brevistyla
  Australian Emperor Anax papuensis
  Unicorn darner Austroaeschna unicornis
  Eastern billabongfly Austroagrion watsoni
  Wandering Ringtail Austrolestes leda
  Wandering Percher Diplacodes bipunctata
  Scarlet Percher Diplacodes haematodes
  Tau Emerald Hemicordulia tau
  Aurora Bluetail Ischnura aurora
  Blue skimmer Orthetrum caledonicum
  Red and Blue Damsel Xanthagrion erythroneurum  
Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids  
  Giant green slantface Acrida conica Macrotona securiformis [Inland macrotona]
  A field cricket Bobilla sp.
  Common Garden Katydid Caedicia simplex
  A grasshopper Caledia captiva
  Meadow katydid Conocephalus semivittatus
  Meadow Katydid Conocephalus upoluensis
  Yellow-winged Locust or Grasshopper Gastrimargus musicus
  A gumleaf grasshopper Goniaea australasiae
  Black kneed gumleaf grasshopper Goniaea carinata
  Unidentified gumleaf grasshopper Goniaea sp. (genus)
  A Grasshopper Heteropternis obscurella
  Common Macrotona Macrotona australis
  Inland Macrotona Macrotona securiformis
  Australian Oedaleus Oedaleus australis
  A pygmy grasshopper Paratettix australis
  Wingless grasshopper Phaulacridium vittatum
  Short-tailed Polichne Katydid Polichne parvicauda
  Unidentified species of grasshopper Praxibulus sp. (genus)
  Gum leaf katydid Torbia viridissima  
Lacewings   Nymphes myrmeleonoides [Blue eyes Lacewing] 
  Unidentified Green lacewing Chrysopidae sp. (family)
  Antlion lacewing Glenoleon pulchellus
  Antlion lacewing Glenoleon sp. (genus)
  Unidentified mantisfly Mantispidae (family)
  Unidentified Antlion Lacewing Myrmeleontidae (family)
  Blue Eyes Lacewing Nymphes myrmeleonoides
  White Lace Lerp Cardiaspina albitextura Spondylias pisplicatuloides [Shell lerps]
  A Lerp of eucalypts Creiis costatus
  Unidentified sugary lerp Glycaspis sp.
  Unidentified psyllid or lerp insect Lasiopsylla sp. (genus)
  Unidentified psyllid or lerp insect Psyllidae sp.
  Shell lerp Spondyliaspis plicatuloides
Praying Mantis    
  Stick mantis, Large Brown Mantis Archimantis latistyla  
  Large Brown Mantis Archimantis sobrina  
  Large Brown Mantis Archimantis sp. (genus)  
  Green mantis Orthodera ministralis  
  False garden mantis Pseudomantis albofimbriata  
  Purple-winged mantid Tenodera australasiae  
Sawflies   Pergagrapta polita [Sawfly]
  A Sawfly Eurys sp. (genus)
  Ironbark Sawfly Lophyrotoma analis
  Cattle Poisoning Sawfly Lophyrotoma interrupta
  A Steel Blue Sawfly or Spitfire Perga dorsalis
  A Steel Blue Sawfly Perga sp. (genus)
  A Sawfly Pergagrapta bicolor
  A Sawfly Pergagrapta polita
  Unidentified Sawfly Pergagrapta sp. (genus)
  Unidentified Sawfly Pergidae sp. (family)
  A Sawfly Pseudoperga lewisii
  A Sawfly Pseudoperga sp. (genus)
Scale insects & mealybugs  
  A gall forming scale Apiomorpha sp. Coccidae sp. [unidentified Coccid scale]
  Unidentified coccid scale insect Coccidae sp.
  Wattle Tick Scale Cryptes baccatus
  Gumtree Scale Eriococcus coriaceus
  Acacia mealy bug Icerya acaciae
  Mussel scale Lepidosaphes sp. (genus)
Scorpionflies and Hangingflies Chorista australis [Autumn scorpion fly]
  Autumn scorpion fly Chorista australis
  A Hanging fly Harpobittacus australis
  Snouted termite, Gluegun termite Nasutitermes sp. (genus)
True Bugs    
  Horehound bug Agonoscelis rutila Amorbus sp. [unidentified Tip bug]
  Eucalyptus tip bug Amorbus alternatus
  Unidentified Tip bug Amorbus sp. (genus) [3 other species]
  Ground shield bug Choerocoris paganus
  Green potato bug Cuspicona simplex
  Brown Shiled bug Dictyotus caenosus
  A Seed bug bug Germalus victoriae
  Orange Assassin bug Gminatus australis
  A Seed bug bug Lygaeidae sp. (family)
  Unidentified Plant bug Miridae sp. (family)
  A Broad-headed bug Mutusca brevicornis
  Green stink bug Ocirrhoe unimaculata
  Spined predatory shield bug Oechalia schellenbergii
  A Stink bug Oncocoris sp. (genus)
  Gum tree shield bug Poecilometis strigatus
  Bee assassin bug Pristhesancus plagipennis
  Acacia-spotting bug Rayieria acaciae
  Braconid-mimic plant bug Rayieria basifer
  Water Strider Tenagogerris euphrosyne
  Gum tree shield bug Theseus modestus


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