Friends of The Pinnacle   Community Planting Day,
September 1, 2012
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Spring 2012 got off to a flying start for fotpin with 35 volunteers attending our Family Planting Day. Roughly 450 tubestock, including Yellow Box (E. melliodora), Blakely's Red Gum (E. blakelyii) and Native Blackthorn (Bursaria spinosa), were planted along both sides of Deep Creek in Bottom Pinnacle.

Organisation of the day was facilitated by Greening Australia, which is contracted by the ACT Government under the Plan to undertake a range of restoration activities, including supporting parkcare group planting events such as ours, as part of the Act Government's $1m Woodlands Restoration Plan, being implemented across the Belconnen Hills woodland corridor. Thanks very much to the Greening Australia team, led by Ian Rayner.

For more details, go to the 2012 Family Planting Day or, more generally, fotpin's Revegetation Activities.

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Photographs by Leanne Wilkinson, Ian Rayner, Pax and Warren

© Friends of The Pinnacle