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The following is a list of 42 species of spiders and other arthropods (centipedes, scorpions, mites, ticks) observed on the Pinnacle Nature Reserve. It includes both those positively identified to the exact species as well as those incompletely identified.

All listed species are native to the area.

Photos below were taken on the Reserve by Alison Milton


  Common name Scientific name hover over image to see name
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Huntsmen spiders   Isopeda sp. [A Huntsman spider]
  Unidentified Huntsman spider Isopeda sp.
  A Huntsman spider Isopedella sp.
  Beautiful Badge Huntsman Neosparassus calligaster
  Unidentified Huntsman spider Sparassidae sp.
Jumping and Peacock spiders    
  A Jumping spider Holoplatys sp. (genus) Myrmarachne luctuosa [Polyachris ant mimic spider]
  Plumed Peacock Spider Maratus plumosus
  Polyachris ant mimic spider Myrmarachne luctuosa
  Unidentified ant mimic spider Myrmarachne sp. (genus)
  Jumping spider Opisthoncus grassator
  Unidentified Jumping spider Opisthoncus sp.
  Unidentified Jumping spider Salpesia sp.(genus)
  Unidentified Jumping spider Salticidae sp. 'Golden paps'
  White-spotted Sandalodes Sandalodes scopifer  
  A Jumping spider Servaea narraweena Tasmanicosa godeffroyi [Garden wolf spider]
  Unidentified Jumping spider Servaea Sp.
Wolf spiders  
  Unidentified Wolf spider Lycosidae sp.
  Garden Wolf Spider Tasmanicosa godeffroyi
  Unidentified Wolf spider Tasmanicosa sp. (genus)
Other Hunting spiders    
  Slender sac spider Cheiracanthium gracile  
  Stout sac spider Clubiona sp. (genus) Habronestes bradleyi [Bradley's ant eating spider]
  Bradley's ant-eating spider Habronestes bradleyi
  Unidentified ant-eating spider Habronestes sp. (genus)
  Red and black Spider Nicodamidae sp. (family)
  Spotted ground swift spider Nyssus coloripes
  Unidentified Swift spider Nyssus sp. (genus)
  Lynx spider Oxyopes sp. (genus)
  Two-tailed spider Tamopsis fickerti
Orb weaving spiders   Austracantha minax [Jewel spider]
  Orb weaver Araneinae (subfamily)
  Long-tailed Argiope Argiope protensa
  Banded orb weaver Argiope trifasciata
  Christmas Spider, Jewel Spider Austracantha minax
  A leaf curling spider Deliochus sp.
  Garden orb weaver Eriophora transmarina
  Golden orb weaver Nephila edulis
  Leaf-curling spider Phonognatha graeffei
Trapdoor and Mouse spiders   Missulena occatoria [Red-headed Mouse spider]
  Red-headed Mouse Spider Missulena occatoria
Other web-bulding spiders  
  Black House Spider Badumna insignis
Water spiders  
  Water spider Pisauridae sp. (family)
Scorpions   Chilopoda (family) [Unidentified centipede]
  Black Rock Scorpion Urodacus manicatus
  Unidentified centipede Chilopoda (family)
  Unidentified centipede Symphyla (class)
Mites and Ticks  
  Unidentified mite Rainbowia sp. (genus)


For more photos from the Pinnacle and elsewhere in the ACT, follow this link to the Canberra Nature Map



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