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Information for people joining our weeding teams

If you are considering joining one of our weeding teams, you should not worry if you have little experience at this sort of activity. Weed identification and treatment methods will be demonstrated on a continuous basis as the circumstances require. Any necessary tools will be provided but we recommend you bring a strong pair of gloves.

For each weeding session we usually have a target weed (or weeds) identified but of course we will treat others as we come across them or map them for later specialised treatment.

Several weeders in each team carry a hand-held GPS unit that records their movement. The resulting tracks are then sent to the fotpin webmaster, usually by the session leader, along with details of the session. These are loaded onto our website's recent weeding page, providing both information to other weeders and a permanent record of what weeds have been treated, when and where they were treated.

At first there is no requirement for members of weeding teams to be able to operate one of these GPS units. However, as you gain confidence in the other weeding aspects, the useful basic operations will be demonstrated.

To join the weeding teams contact Bob [] for Thursdays, or Len [] for Saturdays and occasional Sundays.


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